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Reliable Tree Service Serving Borden, IN and Surrounding Areas

Hyper Timbering, LLC provides quality tree service in Southern Indiana


Professional Tree Service Solutions

Tree Removal

Safe, efficient tree removal to enhance property aesthetics and safety.

Tree Trimming and Pruning

Expert trimming for tree health and landscape beauty.

Emergency Tree Service

Rapid response for urgent tree care and hazard mitigation.

Stump Grinding And Removal

Complete stump eradication for a neat, usable space.

Land Clearing

Professional land prep for construction or landscaping projects.

Tree Planting

Strategic tree placement for environmental benefit and appeal.

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Commercial Tree Service


Tree Service Company in Indiana

Hyper Timbering is more than just a local tree service company. We are family. We provide our customers with a safe and efficient means of addressing tree care needs at a fair price.

  • Efficient Tree Services
  • Comprehensive Safety Measures
  • Specialized Equipment

Why Choose Us?

Focus on Satisfaction

Hyper Timbering is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, ensuring that your needs are met promptly and professionally throughout the tree care process.

Comprehensive Services

From tree trimming and removal to stump grinding and tree planting, Hyper Timbering offers a comprehensive suite of services to meet all of your tree care needs.

Commitment to Safety

Safety is a top priority for Hyper Timbering, with rigorous safety protocols in place to protect both their workers and your property during tree maintenance operations.

Expert Tree Services

We offer precision pruning, safe removals, and tree planting services. We are your best ally for all your tree care needs.


What Our Clients Say

Shellie K.

Hyper Timbering, LLC Client

Noah and his crew went above and beyond in comparison to other tree trimming companies I’ve used in the past. Noah was courteous and knowledgeable, and helped with our decision making processes on what trees to take down.

Scott W.

Hyper Timbering, LLC Client

Mr. Koetter was prompt to our house and once there took care of climbing several trees with limbs over our 2-story roof. He cleaned up very nicely and left the job looking very professional. I would refer Hyper Timbering LLC to anyone in Southern Indiana.

Hoosiercards 1

Hyper Timbering, LLC Client

Great people!

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